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Victoria murphy 



                                                 BEFORE  YOU BUILD


Already have plans drawn up for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry? Save time and money armed with an essential bible with every detail from heights of shower mixers to kitchen bench top choice, that can be handed over to your builder on demo day. Lets make this a fun and rewarding adventure!

  • Is your head spinning with information?

  • Plans sorted, but need help getting organised before renovations begin?

  • Be one step ahead of the build

  • Minimize loads of questions  from the builders

  • Don't hold up the build, save time and money

  • Receive a bible of information that can be handed to your builder

  • Reduce stress, HAVE FUN!

  • 30 min phone consult

  • Mood board

  • Digital easy to follow detailed document to hand to your builder

  • Lists fittings, fixtures, finishes and equipment according to your budget 

  • Links to suppliers

  • Cost of each item

  • Physical samples where applicable

  • You order items 

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